Lake Magadi Day Trip

After breakfast Depart from Nairobi town, house, hotel or airport in the morning, and head south
towards the Ngong Hills (made famous from Karen Blixen’s, Out of Africa). Before we descend
over the escarpment, we will stop at Kona Baridi viewpoint for photos and views across the Great
Rift Valley. Then descend over the Ngong Hills, continuing south into a semi-arid landscape,
where we stop mid-morning at the Olorgesailie Prehistoric Site.
After a Guided tour of the site and learning about the previous inhabitants of the area, we continue onto Lake
Magadi. Via the Magadi town and past the Magadi Soda factory. We Enter the Lake Magadi reserve area and
continue onto the hot springs where we stop for lunch, birding and wading in the hot alkaline water springs (if
the weather is not too hot) -sit in and soak in the hot mineral water. Afterward your skin feels so soft and smooth; until it dries then you turn a chalky white. We meet the local Masai guide and local Masai people for Culture experience who use the lake daily for swimming. Mid-afternoon, return to Nairobi.


  • 7.30am – Pick and drive to Lake Magadi with a stop brief stop at Kona Baridi to enjoy the
    cool breeze Photos and scenic views across the Great Rift Valley. .
  •  8:30am- Arrive at Olorgesailie prehistoric site for visit-tour of the site and learning about
    the previous inhabitants of the area
  •  10:00am- Arrive Lake Magadi- meet your Local Masai Guide
  •  10.30am to 3pm – Dipping at the lake, walks, Lunch (natural hot water spring is believed
    by the local people that the water is said to be more auspicious and a dip in the lake
    drives away all skin diseases like eczema, allergic rashes and many more ailments
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